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Books take the imagination on a journey

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19 August 2018

Book Week 2018 is officially about to begin although I've already started school visits and having way too much fun talking books, drawing and creating with students!
Loving this year's theme of 'Find Your Treasure'. To help celebrate I've created a charming little character called 'Pelican Jack' I'd like to share. You can:

Download a colouring in sheet of 'Pelican Jack'
Download a colouring in sheet of 'Pelican Jack' and his treasure chest full of books. After all, a book is a treasure!

Follow my Facebook page to see the drawings I create together with the school students of 'Pelican Jack' and what else he may find in his treasure chest, this Book Week! Happy reading :)

17 October 2016

Yesterday I took part in a very fun, nerve racking, entertaining and hilarious SCBWI 6 minute Speed Book Launch here in Adelaide. Talk about putting pressure on myself, I even had to get the left hand working! I launched my new Christmas book 'The Bush Santa' - read the story and coloured the black outline of this image both at the same time! The decorative bush star was created with some brown paper covered wire and twine (stuck on with double sided tape) and glitter glue was added to create the Christmas sparkle. You can create your own by downloading the colouring in sheet from 'The Bush Santa' page.
Can you colour yours in 6 minutes? Have a go... it's easy.